Hydrometer 651344

Zeal’s Hydrometers are precision instruments manufactured from the highest quality
glass tubing especially selected to be free from stain and other defects. Precisely
poised with lead shot sealed in a special wax ensures correct alignment. Scales have
clearly marked figures and graduations.
Temperature adjustment is marked on the scale of each hydrometer. Where
applicable the Fiducial Mark (datum line) enables calibration by UKAS Laboratories.
Zeal manufacture a multiplicity of hydrometers from Commercial Grade suitable for
general use in laboratories and universities to hydrometers in accordance with British,
ASTM, API and other international recognized standards as well as hydrometers for
specific applications, such as Draft Survey (shown below), Potato, Alcohol, Brix, Twaddle
etc. Works and UKAS Certified Calibration Certificates are available for the majority of